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If Battle Royale game is your favorite thing, then don't miss a chance to explore a new one called Rules of Survival which is also an interesting yet fierce Shooting game with multiplayer and survival elements. NetEase is a creator, developer, and publisher of Rules of Survival. You can find it familiar to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds game which is also a survival shooting game. The game is currently downloadable and playable on mobile devices powered by Android.
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Rules of survival game

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Rules of Survival game follow the similar gameplay mechanics to PUBG game, but obviously, the game still possesses different features. You will become one of 120 unarmed players trying to survive the whole combat. At first, you will be airdropped down on a strange island by using your parachute. This island will become a fierce battlefield for all the players. Because you are unarmed, you must begin your quest to locate some weapons, items, as well as handy equipment that are being dispersed at some locations. After equipping yourself with the collected weapons, you can start to go kill your opponents. Try to act quickly, employ your own tactics and never stop developing them so you will be able to survive longer. When you catch sight of an enemy, make sure you shoot him down first before he gets a chance to take you out.

The game is getting harder and harder when you reach the further stages of it. As a solitary fighter, you must know exactly what to do as well as how to deal with the dangers so as to keep yourself alive until the very end. But if you want to play in a group, you can make your own team with 4 members. Working as a team will help you guys surpass all the challenges. You won’t be afraid of being taken out by the stronger rivals as your teammates can support you all the time. You’re highly recommended to play with a team. But if you want to experience the challenges alone yourself, then feel free to be a solitary player!

The safe zone is a crucial element in this Rules of Survival game! It will constantly decrease as time goes by. Hence, you have to protect yourself and try to survive in the zone until the end. It’s all about kill or be killed! If you don’t play it carefully, you will end up being taken out very soon. All players won’t be hesitant to kill the enemies for their own advantage. Try to perform your strategies, and make the most use of items that you have gathered to get an edge over your rivals. See if you can become the last survivor standing!

Rules of Survival Features

With an interesting gameplay like that, the game also contains awesome features:

You can make a decision on joining a combat or just running away.

With a big HD map, just enjoy the fair play element.

Choose a play style that you want to experience, including solo or team.

You can discover numerous weapons and items, then use them during the combat.

Feel free to control your vehicles, and you can drive over a lot of great terrains.

How to play

  • Go to your store and start to download, then install the game on your device.
  • Launch your game when the installation is done.
  • Nickname your character, then hit “play” button.
  • Choose the mode you want to join, like Solo, Duo or Squad. Hit “Ready” button after that.
  • Some things will display on the screen, like the total amount of the players, the icons which will indicate the actions, like punching without weapons, sprinting, jumping, shooting and so on.

Note: Just tap on the screen to build an interaction with your character.

System requirement

Rules of Survival game is playable on most of the mobile devices powered by Android. But you have to ensure that the Android version is 4.0 and later. For the iOS users, Rules of Survival game is also downloadable and playable on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The iOS version is required to be 7.0 or later.

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Play Rule of Survival online

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