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You will meet new opponents and battle against them to death in Rules of Survival game! This is considered as a true battle royale with a bunch of challenges to go through. The game is kind of similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game in terms of gameplay mechanics. You will land down on an island after being airdropped, then begin your adventure. As an unarmed player, you must go around the locations to collect new weapons as well as other supplies which can be used to cope with the dangers. Try to shoot down all rivals when you catch sight of them, or else you will end up being killed. The main goal here is to become the ultimate survivor!

Download and install Rules of Survival game

Android devices

For those who use the mobile devices powered by Android, you need to open your Google Play store to begin downloading and installing the game. Once the game has been installed on the device, you can begin the game after that. But you have to ensure that your Android version needs to be 4.0, which is the main requirement.

Rules of Survival Android

iOS devices

For the players whose devices are powered by iOS, the way of installing the game is the same as Android devices. Go to your App store first to find the game, then tap to download it! It will be automatically installed on your device when the downloading process is over. After the installation, you can launch the game. iOS devices are also required to have suitable iOS version which is 7.0 or upper. The game is playable on iPad, iPhone, as well as iPod touch.

Rules of Survival iOS

How to play

You are going to experience a savage battle with a bunch of challenges to conquer. Prepare your abilities and tactics in advance, then try to employ them carefully during the combat.

The in-game controls are so awesome and you will have to perform many actions of your character.

Start launching your game when the downloading and installation process is over.

Give your character a cute nickname to recognize him/her in the combat more easily.

Tap “Play” button after you nicknaming your character.

Select the mode you will join, like Solo, Duo, Squad.

Tap “Ready” button then step into the battlefield.

As previously mentioned, you have to carry out many actions of your character. The game features punching without weapons, jumping, dashing, firing, aiming and more. In addition, the number of players that are currently in the arena will be displayed on the screen. If you want to interact with anything, just tap on your screen to do so.

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