Rules of Survival Notice (Nob.23)

Rules of Survival Notice (Nob.23)

Rules of Survival game is one of the famous Battle Royale games style, and it’s still being developed. There are some features that have just been added to the game, which promises to upgrade the performance. All survivors should take a chance to find out what these new features are so as to apply them when joining the game.

New features in Rules of Survival Game

  • Turkeys are the new feature added to Rules of Survival game! Now, instead of using the health kits to regenerate the HP, the players can totally eat up these delicious and nutritious turkeys. This is such a wonderful feature you shouldn’t miss.
  • If you want to share your battle result with other friends, just do that by posting it on your Facebook.
  • Rules of Survival game now has a brand new character model. She is approachable and accessible on the battleground.

These mentioned features are all nice ones and they will surely bring a better gaming experience to you!

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