Rules of Survival Notice (Nov.20)

Rules of Survival Notice (Nov.20)

The notice of Rules of Survival game will let you know when the game gets maintained in each area. If you are a big fan of this multiplayer survival shooter game, then make sure you check out the schedule of maintenance. In addition, this note also focuses on patch notes with some fixes, alterations, new content, new optimization in terms of gameplay, sound effects, UI and more. They are all worthy of checking out. But first, you can take a look at the detailed schedule of maintenance below:

  • UTC: 11:59 am – 02:00 PM, Nov. 22, 2017
  • PST: 04: AM – 06: 00 AM, Nov. 22, 2017
  • AST: 8 AM – 10 AM, Nov. 22, 2017
  • CCT: 20:00 – 22:00, Nov. 22, 2017

The completion time is not always exact, it can even take longer, so please remember this!

Patch notes


The game performance got optimized, and its fluency was enhanced.

The problem making the buttons vanish when you try to reconnect the game was fixed.

The issue of invisible player and a visible weapon was solved.

The vehicle handling and control were modified.

The shrinking time of the safe zone was grown.

The damage getting from outside of the safe zone was reduced.

The time of airdrop flare and smoke was increased.

The recoil got lowered and the bullet grouping got tightened nore when you are in a crouching or prone position.

For the M249, the recoil was lowered, the grouping of it was tightened when you are crouching or going prone.

If the vehicle of the player goes into the deep water, they can start swimming automatically.

New content added

A gold system has just been attached to the game. Once completing a match, the gold will be produced by the system and the players can get the gold as an award, but it will be depended on the performance of them in the match, like how they played it, how they conquered it. You can use gold to buy a bunch of in-game items.

Sound effects

The volume of the footsteps was much enhanced and developed.


The sound prompt UI got modified. The last three UP sound prompts for the safe zone when it gets smaller were got rid of.

Now when the players crouch, punch or even move with the weapons in their hands, they won’t experience the UI sound prompts anymore.

The backpack icon was already transferred to near the Quick Meds icon.

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