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Rules of Survival online

Rules of Survival online is an adventurous Multiplayer shooting game where you will be airdropped into a broad island full of dangers. You play as a solitary fighter at first, and you are not armed with any strong weapons yet. For your survival, you must roam the locations to locate more weapons as well as handy items. Try to equip them all with yourself, and once you get ready, you can go kill the rivals. You are supposed to aim then shoot down the opponents as soon as you see them. Acting late will lead you to the failure, meaning you will end up being killed. The enemies are so evil! No mercy is given out during the combat. Hence, you mustn’t spare any enemies! To get more strength, you should team up with other players and work as a team. The game allows you to choose a mode you want, so it’s up to you to play with the teammates or not. Hope you have fun with it and obtain your goal which is becoming the last survivor!

How to play

The movements of your character can be done by keys WASD. Aim and shoot at enemies or punch them by using the mouse.

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