Thank You Note (2018)

The number of downloads that Rules of Survival game has gained was more than 80 million worldwide, making it the best top-free download game in 48 countries since its first global appearance on Nov. 18, 2017. In addition to this, ROS World Championship has been released recently, but it already attracted over 100 thousand teams from 65 countries to set up and participate. Thanks to good news, the development team made a decision on presenting an amazing Free Giveaway Event which lasts from Dec. 30, 2017 to Jan. 5, 2018. During this period of time, if you log in the game each day, you will get a free daily gift!

Thank You Note (2018)

Another important thing that needs to be well noted is that a Japanese/Korean test server has been out to give a better gaming experience to the players that are living in Japan and Korea. Rules of Survival game has welcomed lots of these participants, so, with the new test server, surely they will get a wonderful time playing the game.

Schedule for the test period:

JST/KST: Dec 30 17:00 GMT+9.

Don’t miss it! You are allowed to freely change the servers as well as engage in the test server from the login page.

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